Monday, July 8, 2019

#Nsale 2019

It is that time of year!  Early Access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins in a few days!  Although I will not be able to shop the sale this year; I am just excited to see what fall trends will be headed our way!!  If you don’t already follow me on the app, do it (Here) because I will be posting all the basics and all the great finds on my account just for you!  On my old blog (Here), I spill all the details about why shopping this sale is such a big deal but I am sure you hear the same stuff from every blogger you follow – blah, blah, blah!   Without a doubt, this is my favorite sale of the year, I am obsessed.  You will find fashion, beauty, and home décor deals.  So be sure to check in with me during the early access, I will list them all!  

C r e d i t  C a r d s :

You will need a Nordstrom Credit Card (Store Card or VISA) to shop the Early Access.  If you don’t want one, I totally understand!  This sale will go public on July 19th!!  If do you get a credit card, add it to your profile and at midnight July 12th, you will have access to all the wonderful things! 

N S A L E  2 0 1 7

N S A L E  2 0 1 8

W h a t  t o  l o o k  f o r

Cardigans, Booties, Boots, Coats, Camisoles and Tees, Jeans, Running Shoes, Athleisure Items, jewelry..

B r a n d s  I  l o v e :

Tory Burch 
Sam Edelman 
Bauble Bar

S h o p p i n g  t h r o u g h  m y  l i n k s  a n d  m y  a c c o u n t :

If you don’t already know, shopping through my links and my account will help me out tremendously with my success. Mostly, I just want to bring you guys inspiration, ideas and easy access to all the things I love.  Think of me as your personal sale associate!  I love doing this!  I do have a current career in the Army so I apologize for not being available to do all the shopping first hand or do all the try-on sessions (I know those help out a lot).  I will promise to be involved somehow.  

If you have any questions and need extra information, feel free to comment below!  You can also DM me on my IG!  @cutebrandik      

Happy Shopping!
-Brandi Kimberly 

Monday, June 17, 2019

Mark Your Calendars for LTKDay is hosting their first ever “Like to Know It Day” on June 23rd2019!  LTKDay is a sale that can only be accessed exclusively on the app.  If you do not have the LTKDay app, now is the time to get it!  This sale is going to be a major shopping event!  Just like the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale but this sale is going to insist of all summer items and styles from this year.  

The List of Brands

In case you haven’t seen it; there is a full list of all the brands that will be participating in the sale:  
-Abercrombie & Fitch, Anthropologie, Colleen Rothschild, Outdoor Voices, Serena & Lily, Sole/Society, The Style Collection, Urban Outfitters, Victoria Emerson, Express, Kendra Scott.  
Be sure to download the app so that you can participate in shopping this sale!  Through this app, you will be able to shop through your favorite influencers!  

About Bloggers and Commission 

Think of bloggers as sale associates; when you walk into a store needing help finding items or figuring out what to buy, we are there to help you.  Outside of blogging, sale associates will make a small commission on your transaction. It doesn’t cost you anything extra, you are paying Brands the same price with or without our help!  However, shopping through our links will allow us to continue helping you and others in future sales.  With that said, make sure to follow me in the app (@cutebrandik) and use my links! 

What am I doing for you?

 I am putting together a few collages of items that I found.  Some items I own and most are on my current wish list. These items may or may not be a part of the sale.  We were given guidelines but it is hard to tell, we will not know for certain until the day of the sale.  Here are the collages that I put together for each Brand that is featured:        

Once the sale begins!  I will share more items and flat lays of the things I actually own and love, with a review!  Tune in again during the sale!

Ok, this is huge!  On June 23RD, go through my content and look for any RED LTK Day tags!  This means it is part of the sale!

Feel free to leave any comments and question down below, Have a great week!    

-Brandi Kimberly 

Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Here is to 2019!

Happy New Year lovelies!  

Christmas is now officially over!  I have to make time to take down the Christmas tree and decorations, it’s so sad.  Today marks a fresh start and we can make 2019 into whatever we want.  We have an opportunity to get motivated, create, become an even better version of ourselves, and explore.  I have lots of goals on my list and I love to rewrite them every year!  One of my goals for 2019 is to be more active on my blog. In 2018, I put blogging on the back burner.  As mentioned before, Instagram continuously discourages me. I am now determined and I will not let Instagram control my blogging hopes and dreams! 

I decided to create a list of goals just in case my followers needed some inspiration on setting goals for themselves.  These are goals I have set for myself as well so let’s get to it!

2019 will be the year of “Taking Better Care of Myself!”  Everything dealing with health, diet, beauty, wellness can be incorporated into this:

+ Eating less Sugar
+ Eating less Fried Food
+ Eating more food with nutritional value
+ Less Caffeine- (Switching coffee for more tea)
+ Workout 5-6 times a week
+ Create a workout plan  
+ Relax more (spa days, mediation, get enough sleep)
+ Drink more Water
+ Try a new detox

Next, I will share some declutter goals.  I think it is so important to declutter at least once a year, if not more.  Decluttering your life for 2019 will help create a relaxing, more productive environment:

+ Clean up emails, unsubscribe to pointless emails 
+ Clean up app, pic, text messages on your phone
+ Clean out your Linen closet 
+ Clean out your Coffee Bar
+ Declutter your Wardrobe
+ Clean out the Spice cabinet 
+ Add more décor to home

These are just ideas to help you get on the right path when it comes to setting goals for yourself in 2019.  Everyone has a different path in life so set goals that are going to work for you.  Keep aiming towards your goals; its a start to a successful year.  Again, Happy 2019 Friends!  Thank you for stopping by!      

++ B r a n d i  K ++

Thursday, December 27, 2018

NYE Outfit Ideas

How many of you have no clue on what to wear for New Year’s Eve?

If you are fancy like me; I will show up to a NYE bonfire in a cocktail dress and a heavy coat.  I haven’t decided if I will do that this year.  The best time to start looking for NYE and Christmas outfits is at beginning of November.  If you did not have plans until the last minute and you need outfit ideas right now; no worries!  I’ve listed a few ideas down below in different categories.  I found this dress from Milanoo and it's the first time I’ve ever shopped there.  I absolutely adore this dress because it is classy and it is flattering.  I love all the sequin bodycons that are in style this year however, I need something that is going to be more forgiving when I decided to stuff my face with all that party food.  No food baby to see here!! I always go for a cute lace black dress and I am wearing the same red glitter heels from last year.  Next year, I promise to shake things up a little bit, ha ha! Have a Happy New Year and I hope you find that perfect NYE outfit!     
~Brandi K~

Fancy Party:

A Night out in Town:

Dinner Party:

Bonfire and Fireworks:      

Wednesday, December 26, 2018

2019 Goals (New Year’s Resolutions)

Hello Friends!
Christmas is over and we are all preparing 2019!  Almost everyone aspires for their next year to be better than the last.  I like this positive mentality because improvement helps us evolve.  I am all about self-improvement.  I have to admit that I’ve put my blogging goals on the back burner during 2018.  I hate to put the blame on something other than myself but honestly, I haven’t been into blogging mostly because Instagram is a vicious game.  If you don’t have the time, if you don’t put in the effort; your chances of winning this “game” is zip!  I have so many goals for 2019 and I am starting my journey today! Why wait! I really want to share my list of goals with you but I think I will share my journey and each goal in my blog throughout the year instead!  Some people like to point out that goal setting is not just for New Years, they do have a point!  However, this time of year is a reminder that we can effect change in the new year. 

Today, I am going to share products with my readers that may help start a common New Year Resolution in the right direction.  Feel free to follow along in this journey of self-improvement and preservation.  My goal with this blog post is to inspire my readers to set goals and do the same!    
Common New Year’s Resolutions:  

Eating Healthier:   

Exercise More:    

Save Money:

Drink More Water:

Get Better Sleep:

Learn a New Skill:

Travel More:      

I really hope these suggestions will help start you on the right path.  Usually buying something new to assist with your goals give you the motivation to start! I wish you all a Happy 2019!  If you have any more ideas to help set you on the right path, do share.  I am sure readers will check out the comments down below.   

Enjoy your week!
| |Brandi K| |

Monday, November 12, 2018

10 Things to do In Preparation of the Holidays

Hello friends!  The Holidays are coming so fast and I need to prepare!!  I have been super lazy lately but I thought to myself if I conjure up a list of things to do and share it with my followers; not only would be motivating myself but I would also motivate you too.  So, let’s step up the Christmas game and get to it!

We need to inventory what we already have so that we don’t overspend on new decorations for Christmas. Also, knowing what we have in stock will help tie together new décor ideas for 2018.  

The Holidays is where we gain those extra pounds.  In prevention, put together a new workout plan to get excited about! Get your lazy butts out there!  Any kind of activity will help keep those pounds under control and you will continue to look fantastic in that new Holiday Dress. 

Depending on your lifestyle and your holiday plans, buy more than one dress or outfit!  I like to buy three.  I always buy one for Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year even if I don’t have plans, in hopes that I do get invited somewhere fun!

I am all about scented candles that make my house smell phenomenal all-year-round.  During the Holidays I like to add some extra cozy vibes with pine candles or other holiday scents.  Scented candles really pull in the joy of the Holiday spirit!  

Depending on how many important people you have in your life, Christmas can become overly expensive. If you make a list of who you want to buy for, write out a budget and what you plan to get them.  This can really help organize the season of giving. 

I have actually already done this. I’ve also organized my apps and purged the ones I don’t need. I can do a post about my current iPhone apps in another blog post if you are interested.  Adding a new holiday screen saver to my phone makes answering my phone more fun and festive. 

It can be a holiday recipe or a fun cocktail recipe.  I made a winter sangria last Thanksgiving, that I surely paid for.  This year I will make another cocktail and I will not drink it all by myself.

Do something you haven’t done in the previous years.  It is always good to keep traditions alive but it is also fun to introduce new ones. This year I am defiantly going to ice skate and I want to try to see a tree lighting ceremony.  As a blogger, I need to jump on the bandwagon to get that basic Christmas tree photo with my outfit.

Even if you don’t hire a professional photographer, go see Santa at the mall or have a fancy camera of your own; it is important to make fun holiday memories.  Take a family photo in front of your Christmas Tree using a timer on your iPhone!  Buys matching pajama set and take a family photo in them just because it is fun! 

It is important to remember that this is the season of giving.  There are many programs to donate toys too.  Personally, I would like to help make someone’s Christmas more enjoyable just by giving.  

There you have it; ways to prepare for the Holidays!  If you have any other ideas for Holiday preparation, please share.  I love collaborating and grabbing ideas from my followers. You guys are the best!  Below, I am linking my outfit and holiday dresses I am crushing on.  


Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Why Do Bloggers Celebrate The Holidays Early?

Do you ever wonder why some fashion bloggers bring the Spirit of Christmas to social media far too early???  Some are embracing the early celebration because they believe Christmas needs to be longer than a month and some of you just want to have your turkey first!  I am most definitely in-between both ideas however, I am leaning more towards a longer Christmas celebration.  Today on The Dressy Dose, I will be sharing my favorite sweater dresses and three reasons why bloggers celebrate the holidays much too soon.

Everyone knows that right before October 31st retail starts putting out their Christmas promotions.  It gets worst on November 1st, every store you walk into is filled with Christmas decor, holiday gift sets, and Christmas editions.  We are only in the first week of November so Christmas cheer will soon be everywhere!  During this time, bloggers gain collaborations with different types of retail businesses to help promote their Holiday items.  It becomes a rat race!  The more you market the more you sale!  A fashion blogger makes a living from collaborations, so they need to get content out before anyone else does. 

We need to be the first ones to get out the Christmas decor and the first ones to blog about Christmas... ahem!  This will help build our following.  Honestly, we want to be the ones you can rely on to get your ideas from first.  If we don’t provide that service then what is the point of us. If you notice, during the winter fashion bloggers will start introducing spring fashion.  The more popular bloggers will take a vacation down south where it’s warm so they can model cute swimwear.  During the heat of July into August, fashion bloggers will wear chunky sweaters and start promoting those cozy vibes of fall.

I know it can be overwhelming dealing with Christmas for far too long.  But Christmas is a joyful time!  Embrace the fun, it is the season to give.  I won’t be putting up my Christmas tree until the day after Thanksgiving because it is our tradition in my household.  I am enjoying the holiday decor by mixing our home's Thanksgiving theme with pumpkins and pine.  If you are interested in a holiday decor blog post, let me know!  I hope this post brings some good insight to why bloggers are bringing out the Christmas cheer super early. 

 Tis the season for sweater dresses!  I love a good sweater dress, they are so cozy and you can wear them with boots or heels.  You can give a sweater dress a casual look or dress it up for a night out.  They are great!  I am linking a few of my favorite sweater dresses, plus the sweater dress I am wearing.  The one I am wearing is more of a tunic/pull-over but it is certainly long enough to wear as a dress.  Have a blessed day and drop by again soon!

-Brandi Kimberly-

#Nsale 2019

It is that time of year!  Early Access for the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale begins in a few days!  Although I will not be able to ...